Raw Fury Publishing Night Call, a Noir Investigation Game

As mentioned earlier this week, Raw Fury are revealing a huge amount of new additions to their roster of published indie games in the next couple of weeks. So now we have their latest title, Night Call, courtesy of developers Monkey Moon and BlackMuffin Studio. A non-linear investigation game with a noir presentation, the game sees you playing as a taxi driver in Paris who decides to investigate a recent series of murders when they find out all of the victims so far were clients of their taxi company.

Utilizing the real city map of Paris (with one of the game’s goals being to properly showcase a realistic, modern version of the city of lights), players will travel around, listen to passengers, and pay attention to their comments and reactions in order to eventually piece together the mystery. Encounters are random, and every experience is set to be unique. Night Call is due out the near future for PC and mobile devices, but for now, enjoy some initial screenshots while we await more details (and Raw Fury’s next reveal).