Fortnite Getting a New (Limited Time) 50v50 Game Mode

For a limited time, Fortnite players will get to participate in a new game mode that will pit 50 players against another set of 50 in an all out brawl.

The new “50 versus 50” game mode was announced at the Game Awards this evening, alongside a trailer showing off some gameplay of it in action. Access to this game mode will last from now until December 17. There’s been no word on whether the game mode will come back in the future. Check out the trailer for the 50 versus 50 mode right here:

Fortnite has grown incredibly well since launching on console, reaching 30 million players since it launched in July. 1.3 million of which still play concurrently. While you’re here, see what our very own thinks Fortnite and Player UNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds could learn from one another. Fortnite is available now for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac.