Unavowed, Wadjet Eye’s Next Adventure Game, Gets Its First Trailer

We haven’t heard much from Wadjet Eye since they showcased their latest graphic adventure game, Unavowed, at PAX West last year. But after just over a year, the game finally has its first trailer, which you can naturally check out below. Centered around a supernatural team that secretly protects humanity from demonic forces, the clip gives us a peek at these individuals, what they do, and the mysteries they solve and beings they fight, ready to accept you as their newest member.

Notably, the game will allow you to build a party out of which members you prefer, as well as allowing you to customize your character’s gender and background, which plays a significant part in affecting the story. And on top of that, the game has a higher resolution than any of Wadjet Eye’s previous games, allowing for more detailed pixel art. The end result is that Unavowed could very well turn out to be one of 2018’s best adventure games, so be sure to keep an eye out for it when it comes to the PC next year.