ARK: Abberation is Now Available

ARK: Survival Evolved has another paid expansion out now. Titled “Aberration,” the new expansion adds a series of complicated underground caves. Players are funneled down to the caves thanks to a newly-irradiated surface. As such, Abberation’s storyline is all-new, as are many new creatures and items available within the expansion content. The namesake of the expansion, the Abberation, is a malfunctioning ARK found in the new underground area. There’s a ton of hazards here too, making traversal difficult for those who are used to going on foot. Fortunately, the new expansion also contains less-grounded means of travel like wingsuits and ziplines. Those who want to get even more airborne will want to tame the Rock Drake — riding this new creature grants flight and climbing. Of course, there are odd and mysterious enemies down there, these include the elemental humanoids known as Nameless.

See the launch trailer for the new expansion below. ARK: Survival Evolved is on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Aberration expansion is out now.