Dynasty Feud is Out Now on PlayStation

A team-based combat game, Dynasty Feud is all about an endless war between nine dynasties that transcends time and distance. It goes both online and offline, but with different combat styles, over forty characters, and even one-hit kills, the meta is going to be something to mind for those who like competition. It’s a side-scrolling battle that takes cues from Smash Bros. and  possibly the likes of Towerfall, but Dynasty Feud doesn’t seem to shy from being its own thing either. The stage size is significant here as different characters can range from snipers to melee specialists; some can stealth, others can make explosions. Players who prefer a personal flair can also customize their own dynasty and an All-Star mode. The PS4 version also includes the new The Night Party DLC for free, commemorating the base game’s release on the system.

See a trailer below to get a better idea. Dynasty Feud is on Steam and is now freshly released on PlayStation 4, as well.