Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Update Improves Map Functionality

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 hit just under two weeks ago, and Monolith Soft is already hard at work to better improve the game. While there is quite a bit that the Japanese studio can do to better improve the game, they are focusing on maps for the next update.

So for example, if you were to press X while in the world, you’d have to go through an entire menu and its sub-menus to get to where you might want to fast travel. That is going to be more streamlined as when you press X it will bring up the current map you’re already on instead of the entire world.

Secondly, there will be improvements to the overall map overlay when pressing the left stick, making the environment more visible, offering a 1:1 zoom in mini-map. While not map related, they are also including an Easy Mode for the Tiger! Tiger! mini-game that helps you upgrade Poppi. This is an incredibly tedious mini-game that is required if you want to upgrade this Blade, so it’s nice they’re making it easier to get through it.

They will also be fixing numerous bugs that may lock you away from finishing various quests. In addition, Nintendo detailed the second offerings for those who picked up the pricey Expansion Pass:

  • Driver Essentials Set: 10 x Rare Core Crystal, 1 x Legendary Core Crystal, 3 x Overdrive Protocol
  • Upgrade Parts for Poppi: 30,000 ether
  • Pyra’s Favorite Things: 5 x Jenerossi Tea
  • Nia’s Favourite Things: 5 x Ardainian Bear Carving

This patch will be available December 22 for all users. While not in this update, Nintendo has also stated that new game+ will be added next year along with the ability to have “those” blades join your party, not to mention the ability to dispatch unique Blades such as Pyra and Dromarch in Merc Groups and unlocking Level 4 Specials for specific characters.

The future is looking a little brighter for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but it still has a long road ahead of itself.