Battlefield: Bad Company 3 not Coming in 2018, Other Battlefield Game in Development?

It would seem that while Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is real, it won’t be the Battlefield game that releases in 2018.

Leaker AlmightyDaq has published updates concerning his Battlefield: Bad Company 3 leak from a few days back following numerous YouTubers trying to discredit him. He has since reached out to Eurogamer and published a new video featuring new information about what’s going on.

Essentially, there are currently two different Battlefield games in development at this time. DICE LA (formerly Danger Close) is developing Battlefield: Bad Company 3, which won’t be launching in 2018. Instead, 2018s Battlefield title is under development at DICE Sweden and will take place during World War II. That game will, apparently, feature improved destruction and cosmetic-only microtransactions. AlmightyDaq has since edited his original Bad Company 3 video to reflect the fact it is not coming in 2018.

AlmightyDaq has been correct numerous times with Battlefield 1, so it’s possible that he has info on both Battlefield games. He likely jumped on the 2018 date too quickly, and its possible that his sources had not relayed him the full story before he went live with the Bad Company 3 video. Still, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt until EA and DICE make an official announcement.