Catherine Remake ‘Full Body’ Climbing Over to PS4, PS Vita

Catherine is one of the strangest and most unique games of the past decade and soon it will be playable for a whole new generation as Atlus has just announced that the cult classic will be released for PS4 and PS Vita. With fiendishly difficult Q*bert-esque gameplay, Catherine features a surprisingly deep and mature plot of a young man who must choose between his stable but strict girlfriend (Katherine) and an idealized knockout (Catherine) who suddenly comes into his life and has to navigate the pitfalls that such a love triangle entails.

Dubbed “Full Body,” the game will be developed by Atlus’ internal team Studio Zero and feature a third Catherine in addition to new scenes with the previous C(K)atherines. Not much else is currently known about the title, but that will soon change as Famitsu will feature the game as a cover story on December 21 and Atlus will hold a livestream with more details on December 22.

Source: Persona Central