Retro-Bit Announces Partnership with Sega for Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast Accessories

Retro-Bit has released a lot of console-related hardware, and now, they’re joining the fray with officially-licensed items for the Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast. The first line of products under the deal will seemingly be USB and Bluetooth variants of the Sega Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast controllers. Given how few well-crafted third party controllers were made for these devices when they were new, it’s exciting to see the original hardware get a new run of controllers. Dreamcast pads are fairly common, but Saturn controllers in good condition can be a tough one – especially in the wild. These controllers should also be able to work on devices like the RetroN 5 – at least for the Genesis portion of it. Hopefully, the Dreamcast gets a Saturn-style controller – and anything based on the original DC pad would benefit from a more modern design for things like the d-pad, analog stick, and triggers.