Psyonix Details Plans for Rocket League in 2018

Psyonix’s indie hit Rocket League has continued to maintain popularity over two years after its launch, and the developer has teased some of its intentions for the upcoming twelve months.

After reflecting on Rocket League’s 2017, Psyonix went into detail on its two main improvements its focusing on starting next year: game server performance, which includes rolling out additional connection status information to help players more easily identify any issues, and game performance on Xbox One, which has often lagged behind its other console compatriots in terms of overall stability. Psyonix also teased new features inbound next year, including in-game Tournaments, a revamp to progression, new achievements, new Dragon-themed content for the battle-cars and cross-platform party support, among other new additions. Check out the blog post to see the full list of detailed and teased improvements.

Rocket League is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.