ARMS Update Version 5.0 Now Available, Adds Dr. Coyle

The ARMS world is stretching itself even further with the latest game update. This round comes as version 5.0 and includes a new character, stage, arms and more. There is a lot to check out so let’s get right into the details.

Dr. Coyle has been added to the ARMS roster. She is seemingly a mad scientist-type of character who conducted experiments on herself! She is able to hover in mid-air, turn invisible and even whip out a third arm to fight with. Lokjaw, Parabola and Brrchuk options are now available. You will also get to smack opponents around in a lab. A number of fighters and arms have been adjusted. Some nerfs and buffs were implemented, including speed, time intervals, weight and extension.

Read the entire listing of updates on the official website. Take a look at Dr. Coyle in action with her reveal trailer below!