The Curious Expedition Gains Modding Support and Achievements

The Curious Expedition was of 2016’s most notable roguelike games, thanks to its unique hook of simulating a worldwide trek in the late nineteenth century that sees you playing as various historical figures from the area. And if you needed any excuse to go back and check it out (or do so for the first time), then you have a perfect one in the forms of modding and achievements, which were just added to the game.

Indeed, your journey can now be enhanced with an in-game modding menu and debugging tools which require no coding, and that allows for Steam Workshop support so that you can have new mods automatically downloaded. And on top of that, over sixty achievements have now been added, including a section of the in-game hall of fame where you can view the ones which you’ve unlocked. You can check out a comprehensive list of all the game’s new additions and tweaks over here, then head back into The Curious Expedition to see what happens now when you you bring in Indiana Jones and Geralt van Riva, among other possibilities.