Psychonauts 2 Update Reveals Aquato Family, Announces Delay to 2019

Double Fine Productions released a new project update (seen in the video below) concerning the much-anticipated Psychonauts 2, and to get the bad news out of the way, it seems that as the various development teams have entered full development mode, the size and scope of the game has been revisited and the game will now miss its original estimated 2018 launch window, aiming for 2019 instead. The good news is that this means more time and effort put into developing more aspects of the game even further, including the inclusion of protagonist Raz Aquato’s family.

Originally glimpsed in a black and white mental sketch during the original game but now playing a much larger part in the sequel, the Aquatos are a family of circus acrobats with a curse preventing them from heading out into water, described as being trapped in rinky-dink locations due to this, but making the best with what they have. You can check out the development of Raz’s parents, brothers, and sisters in the clip throughout various stages (or glimpse clearer pictures in the update on Fig), and alongside the first gameplay footage from earlier, suggests that Psychonauts 2 is already on its way to being another great platformer, even in its early stages.