Screenshot Saturday Holidays Edition Featuring Kynseed, Ultra Hell, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is every Saturday, but only one of those Saturdays is on Christmas weekend.  Today’s roundup is a bit short on the normal images thanks to this, but to make up for this it’s packed to bursting with Christmas goodies instead.  Each Screenshot Saturday is normally filled with games in various stages of development but it’s all kinds of festive out there, so strap in for a mix of serious (and ridiculous, pretty, goofy, strange, etc) gaming plus all the snow and Santa a holiday weekend can provide.

Unnamed-  All the info on this one is available in that tweet.  It’s a fusion between Metroid and Megaman with a pixel-art style that’s as much Genesis as NES.  The little pink/purple guy has a good number of moves and weapons allowing him to open up the path forward in a variety of ways, whether it be smacking it with the sword or clearing out entire columns of earth with an advancing lightning storm.

Invasion-  Brutal and tough old-school arcade blaster.  The tank on the ground shoots the invaders above through a progression of single-screen waves, with the next set of enemies politely waiting for the current group to get annihilated before dropping down.  While the game says it’s inspired by Galaga and others of its type (and desperately needs controller support) I got a strong hint of Popcap’s classic Heavy Weapon in there.

Renaine-  Semi-random action platformer where a pixel-y knight slashes her way through a lo-fi world that starts out difficult until you learn the enemies, at which point it only seems to get easier because you’ve gotten good.  The latest build has a Chomp-helper in a santa hat trailing along, taking a yuletide bite out of any enemy crossing its path.

Totem Teller-  The story of the world is broken but it can be reassembled.  Not in its original form, because there’s really no way to tell what that was any more, but at least in a way that makes sense and restores the land.  The Teller sets out across the glitchy landscape resolving the broken narrative and learning secrets to open new paths to more stories in need of repair.

Santa Corp: Moonlight Tango-  It’s a big world and Santa needs to be fast to cover it in a single night.  Zip around looking for a chimney then bail from the sleigh and free-fall right into the house.  There’s not a lot more info on this yet but it should be along soon.

Epitasis-  Explore and awaken the dormant machinery of a lonely alien world to gain access to the next set of ruins and the puzzles they hold.  The Epitasis alpha back in August had some very nice puzzles to solve but the lighting effects in this video clip give it a level of polish that looks amazing for four months of work.

Kynseed-  Sandbox adventure taking place through generations, tending to the family business or heading off into adventure depending on the mood of the day.  Harvest the farm’s crops, become a blacksmith, or maybe run a bar, but whatever you do it’s going to have an effect on the family history.  Assuming you can stop staring at the detailed pixel art long enough to get to work, or course.

Cryptarium-  Roguelike dungeon crawl, which is basically the strict definition of “roguelike”.  This particular scene doesn’t seem likely to be found in any particular dungeon, but it would be a shame to let the animation go to waste.  Stick around to the back half of the video for a look at how it was done.

Sinner-  Sometimes grace and skill will carry you through a fight untouched by a vicious boss’ worst attacks.  Sometimes the terrain is not your friend, getting right in the way when you needed just a little breathing room.  And sometimes, if you’re particularly unlucky, the level decides it doesn’t like you any more and it’s time to wrap this up right now.

Mecha Knights-  The horrors infesting a post-apocalyptic world are numerous and terrible but the odds are definitely improved by piloting a heavily-armed mech.  Even when the terrors come in a blood-red suit with a giant orange sack of unknown contents slung over its back, a few missiles backed up by high-caliber gunfire can make any festive season bright.

Ultra Hell-  Twin-stick arena shooter that’s fast, mean, vicious, brutally unfair, and ridiculously playable even in its early state.  The ascii-smiley starts armed with two pistols pointed in opposite directions firing at a respectable pace, but a touch of the trigger brings both of them together to sacrifice a bit of moving speed for increased fire rate.  Kill the small enemies to keep the screen uncluttered, kill the bigger ones for coins to upgrade your firepower, and never stop moving for a second.  Prototype over at and worth checking out even in its super-early state.

Racing Apex-  Low-poly racer that gives the option of weapons or pure driving skill, whichever you’d prefer.  It looks like Santa is up for a straightforward race, but if Krampus gets involved then all bets are off.

Home Free-  A big city is a bad place to be a stray dog, but when one’s alpha human has disappeared there’s not a lot of choice but to try to survive as best possible until his return.  Knocking over trash cans is a great way to get food but it only works if the police aren’t watching.  The full video this clip is from was to show off the new camera system, and you can see it here.

Outriders-  Life in the wasteland is harsh but free from the overpowering authoritarianism of the rich and privileged.  Outriders is an adventure game with a little cyberpunk mixed with a touch of Mad Max where you carry out missions to rise up through the ranks of your gang, uncovering a conspiracy along the way but most of all living the Full Throttle life.  There’s a demo over here to check out.

Spartan Fist-  Hit the arena and punch other gladiators so hard they explode.  If that’s somehow not enough, it’s also bizarrely cute for being so incredibly violent.  Cute, bloody violence under a clear blue sky is the best kind of violence.

Mothergunship-  Hugbots are the best bots, filled with love and admiration for the player and always happy to see them no matter how many times they’re accidentally blown up.  Most of the Mothergunship may be out to kill you with extreme prejudice and insane amounts of bullets but the hugbots just want you to have the best holiday possible.