Ten Games We’d Like to Get Sucked into Besides Jumanji

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is about some kids getting drawn into the jungle level of a video game and taking on the form of adult avatars. It’s a safe bet most of us have had a similar fantasy at some point in our gaming lives about how cool it would be to be transported inside of a video game and get to experience that world first hand or have the powers the main character has. In that spirit, Hardcore Gamer has developed a Top Ten* list of video games we would like to get to experience as the protagonist.


Admit it, you’ve thought that it would be fun to be a god and this early SNES title allowed that to happen. Divided into sections of platforming action wielding a sword and destructive magic spells to slay monsters or directing a cherub liaison between yourself and the mortals that call you Master, this title delivers a divine power trip. Of course, after the people no longer have a need for you they forget about you just as quickly, but you can play as a vengeful god and punish these infidels with an earthquake, or simply ignore the monsters constantly attacking. It’s actually good they stop being so dependent on their master, because unless someone wanted to stay inside Actraiser indefinitely, you’re probably ready to head over to a new game to live inside of by the time Tanzra is defeated.

Catlateral Damage

While not the most well known game on this list, the premise of this is just too fun to not want to get Jumanjied into, although the setting is a bit more mundane than some of the other choices. The player assumes the role of a house cat going on a destructive rampage, the premise couldn’t be any simpler. The cat just runs and jumps around part of a house, museum or grocery store to name a few locations and just knock everything down in sight. Not the most exciting or exotic, but as far as basic high energy fun goes, this would be something fun to experience, though personally I have always been more envious of their ability to sleep 23 hours a day.

Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange Episode 5: Polarized
This is a no brainer for a game world to end up inside of simply because of Max’s special power, the ability to rewind time. Anytime we say or did something stupid we could simply press the life rewind button and go back a few minutes before it happened and do something hopefully less stupid, or rewind and try again if we somehow do something that is more stupid. Or it could be used to relive happier moments. There are less monumental uses for this power, like if you think of that perfect comeback five minutes too late, this ability could have you looking much more quick witted, along with many other pranking opportunities. Getting the ability to redo life and make better decisions is a power we could all benefit from though it would be extremely difficult not to abuse, plus Arcadia Bay seems like it’d be a decent place to live.

Grand Theft Auto V

People are not inherently good. People have basic urges that can be described as immoral, repulsive, abominable and just outright evil. Some of us have a conscience and moral compass that is strong enough to prevent us from committing these foul acts, the rest of us do so out of fear of going to jail or being shot. Grand Theft Auto is a great catharsis for this, as it allows us to vicariously play out these criminal desires that we would never do in real life but in the consequence free world of video games we can play to our black heart’s desire. It’s a game world where the player doesn’t need a day job but can become a multimillionaire and shoot their way into and out of trouble. Sure, the family life might leave something to be desired and out of the three protagonists Franklin seems to be the only who isn’t damaged beyond repair, but if living the Scarface life sounds enticing, this would be a fun game world to be part of. The best part is if you die in a hail of bullets or get busted by the cops, you wake up a few hours later good as new missing just a tiny bit of money with a clean criminal record. Plus you’d never lust after an unobtainable car again; you can just go jack whatever one you want and a quick paint job makes people forget about the stolen one.

Rock Band

Everyone wants to be a rock star, but very few of us want to spend the hundreds of hours practicing the basics needed to master an instrument, let alone dealing with the nightmare it is to find other competent musicians you can live with on a tour bus and not want to strangle. There are many reasons why most bands don’t make it out of their hometown, and some never get out of the garage. Rock Band (or any of the dozens of Guitar Hero games) fulfill this fantasy of being a rock star without any of the nonsense that come with being in a band, which is a surprisingly large amount that seems to be positively correlated with how successful a band becomes. It’s as if moving on to bigger and better things in the world of rock is like descending upward through Dante’s circles of Hell. Having your career play out the way it does in these games is probably the better way to go.

Saints Row IV

Having the Earth get destroyed by a pissed off alien is a rough way to start off a presidency, but the aftermath isn’t too bad. Sure, an excess of seven billion people just got killed for no reason, but you and your closest homies are fine and you’re chilling in some luxurious space bunker. Plus you can visit Earth whenever you want through the magic of VR, and you have a plethora of superpowers that make VR Earth way more enticing than the old mundane Earth. It’s almost like Zinyak did you a favor by obliterating that big blue rock. Plus you have the opportunity to save Christmas by getting Santa out of some horrible genetic experimentation lab or battling the devil in hell.

Final Fantasy

I’m going to cheat with this one and not pick a specific one, since even though they all take place in different worlds (for the most part) they all have similar elements so just go with your favorite (everyone knows Final Fantasy VI is the best), though you could just say World of Final Fantasy and have access to all of the different game worlds. Final Fantasy games have always blended medieval fantasy settings with advanced sci fi technology, where swords and sorcery fight dragons and machinery. The sci fi tech has become more prominent in more recent entries, but even in the very first one the party encountered robots and battled the dreaded Warmech. Each Final Fantasy game takes place inside of a different world, but each of them would be great for exploration. Being able to command skill with a sword, spellcraft and summoning mythical beasts to fight for you would be incredible in a combat setting, plus you’d get to cruise around the world in your own personal airship while tasked with saving the world.

Mass Effect

My theory with Mass Effect is BioWare wanted to make another KOTOR trilogy but didn’t want to pay for the Lucas license, and like Lucas ended up creating a memorable cast of characters that travel through space fighting a powerful adversary. Also like Lucas, the first entry after the initial trilogy did not live up to the original, but I digress. The universe of Mass Effect is an exciting place, filled with many different alien races and the ability to use Mass Relays to travel between different solar systems creating endless potential for exploration. Just about anyone who grew up as a fan of Star Wars or Star Trek had to have thought it would be cool to be inside that world at some point and the world created for Mass Effect can stand alongside those two franchises.

Nights of Azure 2

This is a game that would be great to be sucked into. You’re in a luxurious hotel that serves as a love nest for a coven of lesbians. These women are not only beautiful, but intelligent, powerful and care deeply for one another. Plus there is a pool and they aren’t shy about parading around in revealing swimsuits, and Elenore will keep any sweet tooth satisfied with her chocolate making, all while fighting against the Moon Queen who will bring death to the world through eternal night. This would be the dream game to live inside, where free love flows like water and day to day life is an endless hedonistic indulgence in the pleasures of the flesh, until the realization of the fatal flaw with every man’s lesbian fantasy comes crashing down. Which is they are lesbians, and have no interest in what I bring to the party. Damn you porn industry for creating an enticing unrealistic fantasy that has no hope of ever coming to fruition!


Every one of us will die and our death should bring up some concerns. Not for us, since we’ll be dead, but for those we leave behind. What becomes of the people we care about and how will we be remembered? Despite the massive acclaim Nier: Automata received, Nier flew under most people’s radar but is just as intriguing as a game. Nier takes place in a bleak future, where there is a horrible disease called the black scrawl. The world of Nier is not one to enter to enjoy, but to enter because of how one exits it. In the final ending, Nier sacrifices his entire existence for the benefit of another. Self sacrifice in storytelling is nothing new, and the hero’s memory is immortalized for the selfless deed, but that isn’t the case this time. The people Nier cared deeply enough about to sacrifice himself for will have no memory he ever existed. He leaves this world as if he never existed, those he loved most deeply are better off thanks to him, but they will never appreciate what he did for them because in their eyes he never was. This is pure altruism, no glory will ever come to his name, those he cares about benefit from his sacrifice and no memory of him is left behind. No one will mourn, no one will hurt from his loss; it’s simply a way to fade out of existence as if you never were.

What games did we leave out that you would want to be teleported into? Let us know the game you’d want to visit and an explanation in the comment section. There’s some glaring omissions from this list like Horizon Zero Dawn because any world with robot dinosaurs seems like an obvious choice.

*Not so much a top ten list but more of a first ten games we thought of list