Enter the Gungeon Has Already Sold 75,000 Copies on Switch

As mentioned before, the Switch is quickly becoming one of the preferred platforms for indie titles, thanks to a combination of its portability and the desire to play more retro-inspired titles on a Nintendo platform, where it arguably just feels more appropriate. And the latest game to benefit from all of this is Devolver Digital and Dodge Roll Games’ crazed roguelike twin-stick shooter Enter the Gungeon, which has already sold over 75,000 copies in just two weeks since its Switch debut, as announced by the developers on Twitter.

Enter the Gungeon is no stranger to success, of course, having already gone platinum earlier this year across PC, PS4, and XB1 combined. But the fact that it can still rack up impressive numbers like this on a new console over a year since its release says a lot about the game’s high quality and mass appeal, as well as the Switch’s increased prominence with the indie circuit. Hopefully, 2018 will be filled with more successful indie launches like this for the Switch as well.