Ten Games with Milestone Anniversaries in 2018

New video games are fun and sometimes the sheer announcement or teaser of a new game is enough to get fans excited, but classic games can be just as entertaining despite being so out of date. 2018 is set to mark important anniversaries for a number of popular titles. Perhaps hitting such a big number is enough to bring us some sort of revival or sequel, but we’ll probably have to wait months before hearing anything. This list will help make you feel old as well as possibly tease what is yet to come. Take a look at some iconic games celebrating big in the new year.

Mario Bros.: 35 years old (June 1, 1983)

The biggest names in video games made their debut together in Mario Bros. for arcade systems. It features a pair of brothers who became such icons of the industry that they’re still going strong to this day. Mario and Luigi are wandering through sewers collecting coins, defeating enemies and dodging obstacles in order to receive the most points. So, this year comes as the 35th anniversary of this title as well as Luigi’s first appearance. Perhaps 2018 means a comeback for the classic duo to work together or face other. Maybe it even marks the resurgence of the Year of Luigi! There are always Mario games being released but putting the Bros. back into the title would be great!

Ninja Gaiden: 30 years old (December 9, 1988)

Ryu Hayabusa has been a popular figure in video games ever since his NES debut for Ninja Gaiden. The game featured some of the very first action side-scrolling for a ninja on a home console. And one that is considered a classic! Within the decades of the Ninja Gaiden series, there have been many iterations of the games. Sequels, spin-offs, insane gameplay and more kept the legend alive. We haven’t had main series entry since 2012 which is way too long. Putting out a new game for PS4, Xbox One and maybe even the Switch would have fans going crazy. This year sounds like the perfect time for Ryu Hayabusa and Ninja Gaiden to step out of the shadows and back into the spotlight.

Myst: 25 years old (September 24, 1993)

Journey through an interactive world in Myst. This game first gained traction for having detailed graphics on PC systems at the time. Many praised its artwork and virtual world in-which one could be fully immersed. The plot takes you through a mysterious island featuring puzzles to click and solve. Numerous sequels were released within the past two decades and the last one came out in 2005. Going more than ten years without another Myst title feels too long. Such powerful machines are available to play games nowadays and especially using virtual reality, so a new Myst would be a hit.

Banjo-Kazooie: 20 years old (June 29, 1998)

One of the biggest titles for the Nintendo 64 wasn’t a Nintendo property at all. Banjo-Kazooie launched two decades ago and quickly became a must-have for the console. It has been a major part of the 3D platforming movement of the ’90s and serves as a huge blast of nostalgia for gamers of a certain generation. Since 1998, there have only been a handful of games from the series and always a teased promise of a third mainline title. With some games such as Yooka-Laylee, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and others bringing back the genre, fans are hopeful for more Banjo-Kazooie. It definitely has a chance of happening.

Spyro: 20 years old (September 10, 1998)

Speaking of ’90s platforming fun, Spyro is another popular mascot of the era, but he made his claim to fame over on the PlayStation. There have been many Spyro games since its inception. In fact, there has been one game released every year for Spyro’s first decade of existence! It’s quite a feat, but there’s been a lull in appearance from everyone’s favorite purple video game dragon. He made his comeback in the Skylanders series, but that’s not enough! Spyro could have some epic adventures if given a new chance on the PS4. He’ll be breathing fire, soaring through the air and collecting gems just the old days.

F-Zero X: 20 years old (October 26, 1998)

Racing games have gained quite the resurgence in the last couple of years. F-Zero X came out twenty years ago and was possibly one of the most popular racing titles among younger audiences owning a Nintendo 64. Now, it’s been some time since the series began, quite awhile after F-Zero X and way too long since there has been a peep from Nintendo. There were a couple of handheld games that came out but there needs to be something else. A high definition remake of the game or a brand new one would be excellent. Give Captain Falcon and all his co-racers some exposure. Make the next F-Zero a must-have for the Switch.

Half-Life: 20 years old (November 19, 1998)

Look, it’s something everyone is looking forward to and has been for years. Since 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the Half-Life series, it’s the perfect opportunity for a comeback. Half-Life features Gordon Freeman smacking around extraterrestrials around with crowbars. It’s been hailed as one of the greatest games of all time, so it makes sense for something new to come along. Next year also means it’s been ten years since we received any form of Half-Life video game. Perhaps 2018 means everyone will forever be able to stop bothering Gabe Newell.

Viewtiful Joe: 15 years old (October 7, 2003)

The GameCube was home to many popular exclusives, a few of them thanks to the minds at Capcom. One such title was Viewtiful Joe, a game where players have to jump into action to save the protagonist’s girlfriend from inside of a movie. It was well-received and helped gain new fans for Nintendo, Capcom and Hideki Kamiya. Since its release, Joe has had a couple of sequels, PlayStation ports and various appearances in other games.  There was a chance at a third entry but that was so long ago. A new Viewtiful Joe title would be so much fun and a perfect way addition to any current console.

Braid: 10 years old (August 6, 2008)

Braid released ten years ago next year. It was one of the highest rated titles on Xbox Live Arcade and gained perfect scores from various media outlets. Not only did it spark success for developer Johnathan Blow, it helped paved the way for indie games. The amount of praise and revenue it gained allowed many hobbyists and independent developers to make their dreams come true. While Blow has been busy creating other games in the years since Braid, it would be quite nice to see a sequel, remaster, collector pack or more. If only you could turn back the clock and not feel so old.

Fez: 5 years old (May 1, 2013)

Another indie title makes the list as Fez will be turning five years old next year. It was the brainchild of developer Phil Fish who has gained much exposure thanks to various video game documentaries. The game was completed by a small team which really allowed their talents to shine. Fez is a cute puzzle platformer which gained success thanks to selling hundreds of thousands of copies within its first year. There were plans for a sequel at one point but have since been canceled. Recently, a mobile version of the game was released which is cool to see after a few years. We can only hope there will be more Fez in the future.

There are many video games that have been released over the decades. Obviously, plenty of others are celebrating some big moments in 2018 but we couldn’t fit them all. Comment below with some of your all-time favorites you wish to see make a comeback in the new year.