Eve: Valkyrie Studio Grabbed by Sumo Digital

Sumo Digital an independent game developer group has acquired CCP Games Newcastle studio known for their work on Eve: Valkyrie.

The 34-person team previously at CCP have transferred over to Sumo Digital, with Owen O’Brien as Studio Director and will remain in Newcastle. This will be the third studio in the UK that Sumo Group holds, along with Sheffield and Nottingham.

Paul Porter the Managing Director of Sumo Digital stating “As we continue to expand this was a great opportunity to bring an experienced, talented and tight-knit team on board.” That doesn’t exactly spell out if anything new is being worked on, but no doubt the experience of the team behind Eve: Valkyrie will be put to good use.

The CCP Newcastle studio was part of CCP Games announcement back in October 2017 of closing and consolidating studios for reduced investment in VR. Eve: Valkyrie originally being an exclusive VR title, now available without the required VR.