Gran Turismo Sport Will Get More Wet Weather Tracks

If there is one aspect that the Gran Turismo series has lacked is the inclusion of wet weather. This has been amplified thanks to the likes of Project Cars and Forza. The weather systems in those series are over-the-top. In speaking with GTPlanet recently, Kazunori Yamauchi frankly gave a “yes” when asked about rain coming for Gran Turismo Sport. The game currently has one wet weather track and only one race to go along with it. Kaz mentioned that the physics are there and the wet weather is coming, but not to all the tracks. He believes that the desert track of Willow Springs, which is a real circuit, will not be receiving rain. There is logic behind that, however drivers in Project Cars 2 seem to be enjoying going around Spa in the snow. “It’s just a matter of adding wet conditions to other tracks through updates,” Kazunori stated. “All of the cars in the game are already built to be compatible with rain and have working windshield wipers.” Hopefully, this will come in a major update in the Spring.