Witness the Power of the Elder Dragons in Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter’s wide array of Elder Dragons have always been some of the most dangerous and enjoyable fights the series has to offer, and now players can take a look at the many they will have to face. According to the story in the trailer, it seems Elder Dragons are migrating to the new world players explore in the game possibly due to the influence of Zorah Magdaros. Two returning elders made their debut in the trailer, Teostra and Kushala Daora, and are even seen clashing against one another in a fight. One mysterious monster was also seen exiting the carcasses of others, but not much is known about this one just yet. At the end one final returning Monster was revealed, the mighty Deviljho looking  for a snack to fill his never ending hunger who was also revealed to be a part of the first free DLC release.

Check out the trailer below for the latest look at Monster Hunter: World coming out on January 26: