Nippon Ichi Confirm Disgaea 5 Complete Has Sold 200,000 Units on Switch

While the Nintendo Switch’s launch line-up was fairly slim by usual standards, the obvious and resulting attention that Zelda received in the weeks thereafter meant that what other games were released on the day March 3, were perhaps overshadowed by Breath of the Wild’s justifiable acclaim. One of those games was Disgaea 5 Complete, a re-release of Nippon Ichi’s long-standing tactical role-playing series that was previously available for the PS4 in October 2015.

Well as part of an introductory to 2018, Nippon Ichi’s President Shohei Shinkawa has confirmed that the Complete edition — exclusive to Switch — has now sold over 200,000 copies worldwide, outside of the accumulated sales for PS4. Shinkawa has also confirmed that they too will be continuing to support the Switch alongside Sony’s console, with upcoming titles both already announced and unannounced alike — new and sequels alike. We already know of smaller, interesting titles such as The Longest Five Minutes and that might be added to fairly soon with the announcement that NIS America will once be holding a press conference on February 9 to unveil what they have in store for the year ahead. Stay tuned as we learn more of NIS’ plans in 2018 which also coincides with the company’s 25th anniversary.