Treasure Adventure World Sets Sail on February 7

As a publisher, Chucklefish have helped out with the releases of such notable indie giants as Stardew Valley, Starbound, and Risk of Rain, and next month now sees them releasing an open world puzzle platformer developed by Robit Games. Simply titled Treasure Adventure World, the game sees you playing as Peep, a hook-handed kid with a talking parrot and a sailboat that can shrink down into their pocket for convenience, washing onto a remote island and ready for exploration.

As seen below in the trailer, though, Peep’s journey will take them to some rather unique and unexpected locales, to say the least. Boasting over eighteen hours of gameplay with multiple endings, lots of secrets and Easter eggs, and a New Game+ mode, among other features, Super Adventure Island may be one to look out for when it hits PC on February 7.