Skies of Fury DX Tailslides onto Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s Switch has become quite a hot spot for smaller game releases. Last year the Nintendo Switch brought in many quality titles to occupy its digital shelves and it seems 2018 will be no different. Illumination Games announced today that Skies of Fury DX will soon be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game is an aircraft shooter that puts its players behind the goggles of both German and British pilots as they duke it out in the skies during WWI’s infamous “Bloody April” of 1917. The game will offer its players the chance to pilot 10 types of WWI aircraft that can customized to their own tastes. Skies of Fury DX offers a mission-based single-player campaign as well as two multiplayer modes, “Versus” and “Survival,” for those who’d like to test their skills against their friends. Said campaign sports over 100 missions for players to challenge and both multiplayer modes support up to four players.

The game also sports hand-painted visuals, some of which can be seen in the trailer below.

Skies of Fury DX does not have a release date yet.