Sony Sells 5.9 Million PS4 Consoles During the 2017 Holiday Season

The Nintendo Switch isn’t the only hot item on the market. Sony has announced today that they have sold through a whopping 5.9 million units during the holiday season last year. That is data collected by SIE through Japan, Asia, North America and Latin America from November 19 to December 31.

That brings the total PlayStation 4 consoles out on the market up to 73.6 million as of the end of last year; it certainly helps that the PlayStation subscription base has reached 31.5 million, as well. Finally, in the same time period, 55.9 million PlayStation 4 software was sold through retail and digitally via the PlayStation store, totaling more than 645 million units worldwide.

2018 will no doubt be an entertaining year as there are so heavy hitters planned for release in the next twelve months. Here’s hoping these numbers only continue and exceed expectations.