Hardcore Gamer’s Game of the Year Awards 2017

Leading into 2018, we’ve revealed all of our Best of 2017 awards over nine days. Now that we’ve completed the long — but beautiful — quest, we’ve compiled all nine days of awards into a single hub for your convenience. Below you’ll find all of our awards separated by day and category. Read some or start on Day One to see the whole shebang.

We think we’ve put together a darn good list and hope you feel the same.

* Day One: Story, Soundtrack, Performance *

* Day Two: New IP, Sequel, Surprise, Remaster *

* Day Three: Sports, Fighting, Racing, Adventure, VR *

* Day Four: Action, RPG, Shooter, Platformer, Strategy *

* Day Five: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC *

* Day Six: PS Vita, 3DS, DLC, Artistic Design, Technical Graphics *

* Day Seven: Developer, New Character, Microtransactions, Most Disappointing, Worst Game *

* Day Eight: Game of the Year *

* Day Nine: Most Anticipated *