PlayStation Now Boasts Over 600 Games, New Games Lineup Revealed

Sony Interactive Entertainment today announced that PlayStation Now has over 600 titles in its ever-growing collection.

Brian Dunn, the senior marketing manager for PlayStation Now, made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, revealing that the subscription-based gaming service boasts over 120 PlayStation 4 titles.

The PS Now app has a new interface, Sony confirmed, which users will begin to see and experience over the next couple of weeks.

“The interface update should make the app smoother and easier to use,” Dunn said.

Alongside the news on PS Now’s milestone, the January lineup for Sony’s streaming service has been released.

Supermassive Games’ critically acclaimed Until Dawn and The Chinese Room’s BAFTA-winning Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture are two of the blockbuster PS4 titles to arrive on PS Now today.

Sony has updated PS3 titles already available on PS Now to include their PS4 counterparts. The standout addition to this month’s PS3 to PS4 upgrade is Quantic Dream’s much-loved Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

The full list of January’s PS Now lineup can be viewed below:

New PS4 Games

PS3 to PS4 Updates

PS Now initially launch in beta form, both open and closed, in 2014 for North America. Its final version was released in the region in 2015.

First-time PS Now users can buy a one-month subscription at $9.99 or a 12-month membership at $99.99. However, Dunn has said that the PS Now offer is set to expire on February 6.

PS Now also offers a seven-day free trial to new users.

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