Take a Sneak Peek at Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet’s Opening Movie

With Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet just over a month away, it seems Bandai Namco have to decided to pull out the rest of the stops for their newest entry in the SAO game series. The publisher’s latest teaser for the game isn’t a teaser at all, but is actually the opening movie players will be greeted by when start up the game for the first time.

Bandai Namco also detailed what player will get should they decide to order the game’s deluxe edition. Console players will get ALO costumes for their characters as well as a golden assault rifle and the season pass. Season pass holders will also get green & pink photon swords along with another weapon known as the “Guitar Launcher.”

Steam users have the choice of three tiers.

  • First Tier: SAO costumes and a silver assault rifle
  • Second Tier: ALO costumes and a gold assault rifle
  • Third Tier: All preorder items plus a code for Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 23.