FIFA 18 Surpasses Ten Million Copies Sold, Beats Last Year’s Iteration

Unsurprisingly, FIFA 18 continues to dominate when it comes to its commercial success and this year’s iteration is no different. But perhaps what is surprising is the manner — and indeed level — at which it’s managed to beat out last year’s iteration in reaching that pivotal milestone of ten million copies sold across all platforms — taking no more than eight weeks to reach such a significant number.

Last year’s FIFA 17 was sitting at just over 6.5 million copies during its first eight weeks on sale, indicating more than a 50% increase in sales for this year’s release at this given moment. Needless to say, despite the acclaim its biggest competitor, PES 2018, has rightly garnered with its own annual iteration in 2017, EA’s FIFA series once more dominates in commercial success with the argument certainly being made that this year’s release proved to be a major step-up in quality compared to recent entries.