Xbox One ‘Duke’ Controller Gets Release Window, Phil Spencer’s Seal of Approval

Anybody who was an initial adopter of the original Xbox seventeen years ago (has it really been that long; well we feel old) knows the glory of the console’s original controller. Not meant to be played by somebody with puny hands like other consoles, the Duke’s girth had a commanding presence not felt in hardware before or since. Sadly, its reign was all too short, quickly replaced by the more manageable “Controller S” that is still the basis for the Xbox controller today.

Many have missed the ergonomics of that original controller, however, and given that it’s rare to have an original Xbox hooked up still, the news that Seamus Blackley, one Xbox’s original architects, was looking to bring the duke to the Xbox One was cause for joy.

We last caught up with the Duke at E3, and while at the time it was slated for a holiday release, that sadly never came to fruition. Today, however, Blackley has indeed confirmed via Twitter that Hyperkin will release the controller at the end of March:

Showing its legion of followers, Phil Spencer quickly took to Twitter to thank Blackley for being “such a force behind making this happen” and himself admitted it was “cool to see this coming out:”

The Duke Controller will be priced at $69.99. No pre-order is yet available, but we will be sure to report back the moment that occurs.