Horizon: Zero Dawn Reaches Four Million Units Sold

Well, there were some analysts who claimed the game could go on to sell as many as eight million copies and it looks like Guerrilla Games’ acclaimed open-world, action RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn, is already half-way to reaching that supposed goal. According to current estimates, total global sales for the game have now passed four million copies since the game’s release on PS4 last year on February 28.

Half of those sales were in Europe with North America constituting around 1.2 million copies. Despite the two games sharing very little in terms of gameplay, setting, tone and indeed narrative, what some consider to be Horizon’s perhaps biggest competitor, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, has already managed to reach four million units — with that total increasing to five million if the Wii U iteration is also taken into account — but it would seem that PS4’s own ambitious RPG release of 2017 continues to see the same level of commercial success that its critical success has evidently painted.