Take a Walk Through the Rotten Vale of Monster Hunter: World

The areas of Monster Hunter have always offered new scenery, be it beautiful or dangerous, but the rotten vale is truly a whole other beast. The rotten vale is a place where rot is more common than plant life and the vile creatures that live there have all learned to survive in this vile environment. In this video players are shown the Radobaan, a fierce brute wyvern who covers himself in the bones of other fallen monsters to create a deadly exoskeleton. Of course, Radobaan isn’t the only creature lurking about, as this hunter must also look out for the dog-like Odogaron who is small in stature but cruel and vicious in execution. Finally, the third monster shown off is the Great Girros whose paralysis will stop any hunter or other monster in their tracks while its pack attacks.

Monster Hunter: World launches for PS4 and Xbox One on January 26. Check out the video below of the full walk through of the Rotten Vale: