New Dynasty Warriors 9 Overview Trailer Released

Dynasty Warriors has been going for a long time now, over two decades to be exact, but their latest installment is going to change things significantly. Koei Tecmo has released a lengthy, almost six-minute long trailer showcasing all the features you’ll find in the upcoming hack’n slash title.

Firstly, this is Dynasty Warriors’ first time branching into the open world setting. You’ll be able to traverse the vast world and take  over bases and clear side objectives to help you in the main story. It’s not going to be the entire size of China, but this will be a significant upgrade in terms of scale as you’ll be able take in breathtaking scenery. In addition, just as in Warriors fashion, there will be a ton of different characters to play as, each coming with their own unique ending.

The series started off as a fighting game and moved more into mission based hack’n slash with an emphasis on unique character play styles. The ninth game will have a similar feel as the last few games, but contains an upgraded combat system that is more combo based, with launches and stun attacks being added to the general flow. It’s no longer will combat be simplified as hitting Square a bunch of times and following it up with a Triangle.

There will also be tons of new systems and side activities to partake in, such as fishing, hunting, material gathering, creating your own hideaway in the mountains, training horses, upgrading weapons and so much more.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be available February 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.