Night in the Woods Coming to Nintendo Switch

Night in the Woods, one of the best story-led games released last year — so good it even walked away with the honor of Best Adventure game during our recent Game of the Year Awards, as well as finding itself nominated for a few other categories — will be making its way onto Nintendo Switch fairly soon. While it was spotted earlier today among the listings on the US eShop, game studio Finji have just this minute confirmed that its presence is no error and despite an early mistake listing the game as releasing January 18, Night in the Woods will be on the platform fairly soon, launching instead on February 1.

If you haven’t checked out one of 2017’s more unique-looking and narratively-interesting titles — which we described on winning the honor of Best Adventure as “laced with some incredible humor and unforgettable characters” — you can get an idea on the game’s initial appeal in the below trailer.