WWE 2K18 Enduring Icons DLC Pack Launches Today

WWE 2K18’s final piece of DLC has been highly-anticipated, and 2K has announced that the pack will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC today. The pack contains the Hardys alongside three WWE Hall of Fame acts in Beth Phoenix, Ricky Morton, and Robert Gibson. In the case of Beth Phoenix, this will be her first video game appearance since her retirement. With the Rock and Roll Express, this will be their first appearance in a game since Acclaim’s terrible Legends of Wrestling franchise. WWE 2K18 features largely accurate movesets – so the days of Ricky Morton acting like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin with flips of the bird before a stunner like he did in LoW are long-gone. The Hardys being in marks their first appearance in the game as a team in nearly a decade. It’s fitting for both the Hardys and the Rock ‘n Roll Express to be in this DLC pack given their history with North Carolina wrestling. The North Carolina connection doesn’t end there with the DLC as Beth Phoenix has retired to that area with her husband Edge.

The Express were gigantic draws in the Carolinas in the ’80s, and the Hardys have been the biggest homegrown stars from that area over the past 20 years. The Hardys themselves have carried that torch proudly and even used their Broken gimmick in TNA to bring the Express in – so within about a year, both teams have gone from being in TNA to being not only in WWE in some form, but also featured in the game. The teams would have had incredible matches in their respective primes, and now you can live out that dream match in the game with things like hot tags that Ricky Morton made famous. This DLC is a clash of two different eras and can be yours for $9.99 on its own or for free if you already have the season pass. Take a trip to the Boogie Woogie Dance Hall and check out the DLC if you have 2K18.