8-Bit Freddy Funko Available, New Five Nights at Freddy’s Bonnie Pop! Announced

Funko continues its domination of the collectible market with two new announcements. The following may be intended for niche audiences but that won’t matter to hardcore collectors. Check out what’s available now and what is coming soon.

Their company mascot, Freddy Funko, is now available in 8-Bit form. This Pop! is only available through the shop website and is limited edition. Any longtime fan of the brand will need to add this retro selection to their displays. The 8-Bit Freddy is a great way of showing how much one enjoys video games and Funko.

A new announcement was made to reveal a new Five Nights at Freddy’s Pop! figure. Withered Bonnie is coming in February exclusively to Walmart locations. This particular design features the animatronic character completely torn apart! Bonnie’s wiring and armature are exposed. The face is ripped off to show a very haunting set of eyes and teeth.

Check out the images below for a quick look at the Pop!s. Then, follow the links above to place an order or learn more.