New Model-Loving Gundam Breaker Coming This Year

A video game series of the long-running Gundam multimedia franchise, the Gundam Breaker series is all about making custom giant robots to duke it out in arena stages and complete objectives. The big thing here is customization so the next Gundam Breaker project is going to heavily feature another arm of Gundam merchandising — plastic models. Called “Gunpla,” plastic build-it-yourself models of various different mechs from the Gundam franchise have been around for a long time. Gunpla likewise has garnered a loyal, international following of talented hobbyists and fans.

In other words, Gunpla gets more business than action figures and serves as the primary source of revenue for the giant robot franchise’s physical merchandising. As such, the new customization-minded Gundam Breaker is featuring the building and construction of virtual, playable, mobile Gunpla very prominently. Gundam fans, and custom robot fans, may want to take a look at this… with or without the rabbit hole of hobby and fandom that can go with it.

See a quick teaser for the next Gundam Breaker below. The next Gundam Breaker is due out this year for PlayStation 4.