PlayStation Rolls out Monster Hunter World, Glacier White PS4 Pro Bundles

Anyone in the market for a PS4 Pro will find that PlayStation has a few extra options for you.

The PS4 Pro offers a sizable leap in power compared to the base PS4, and pairs well with a 4KTV. For those in the market for one, options have been pretty limited. While there have been a handful of limited edition models, users have been mostly stuck with the basic black model. Well, worry no more, because a pair of new PS4 Pro consoles are rolling out this month.

First up is the Limited Edition Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro Bundle, which comes packed with a custom 1TB PS4 Pro console, limited edition DualShock 4, a copy of Monster Hunter: World, and additional digital content. It’s perfect for fans of Monster Hunter and launches the same day as the base game, January 26. It’ll set you back $449.99 and is available exclusively at GameStop.

Those who don’t want a flashy bundle can, instead, opt for the Glacier White PS4 Pro, which comes bundled with a white DualShock 4. Previously, the only way to get a Glacier White PS4 Pro was to purchase the Destiny 2 PS4 Pro Bundle. Glacier White arrives at the end of January for $399.99, and is also available exclusively at GameStop.