The Bit.Trip and Screencheat This Friday From Limited Run Games

While Limited Run Games is aiming to release fewer titles in 2018 than 2017 there’s still a lot to come, and this week sees two new releases for the LRG library.  The big one is fan-favorite The Bit.Trip, which is a compendium of the first six Bit.Trip games.  Bit.Trips Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Fate, and Flux are all on a single disc, and if you got Runner 2 last year that fills in the entire Bit.Trip series so far, although it also leaves the question as to whether to shelve them by the LRG numbering system or in series order.  The other game this week is Screencheat, which is a local multiplayer shooter where everyone is invisible so you need to look at your opponents’ screens to figure out where they are.  The Bit.Trip is available on PS4 (3,000 copies) and Vita (2,300 copies) while Screencheat is PS4-exclusive at 2,500 copies.

In other Limited Run Games news, the first Switch title was announced as Saturday Morning RPG, which in retrospect isn’t much of a surprise seeing as the developer, Mighty Rabbit Studios, is the parent company of LRG.  More announcements are coming as LRG uses the tease of pending information to pump up its Twitter follower numbers, with fan-speculation being Golf Story as the big reveal.  Personally, though, I’m hoping Graceful Explosion Machine is in there somewhere, but there are a lot of things to come and every collector has their own pet favorite.  With the PS4 being a bit long in the tooth and Vita numbers no longer matching PS4 print runs it should be interesting to see how Switch games are received when they start coming out later this year.