Mutant Football League Now Available, New Launch Trailer

Mutant Football League, the spiritual successor to EA’s Mutant League Football, is officially available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $19.99. MFL is the latest digital download offering from Digital Dreams Entertainment with a focus on blood, guts and humor. Players can choose from teams that consists of skeletal deadheads, monstrous orcs, diabolical bruiser bots, criminal aliens and mutant humans. The game is 7-on-7 rather than traditional 11-on-11 football. The game is also narrated by Tim Kitzrow, the color commentator behind the original NBA Jam. Players can bribe refs, throw bombs or equip weapons to inflict maximum carnage for game-changing events. Exhibition, Practice, Playoff games and a full season are the game modes featured in MFL. 18 unique playfields filled with traps and hazards will take home-field advantage to the max. Check out the launch trailer below.