Humble Bundle to Publish Popup Dungeon, a Papercraft RPG

With the Nintendo Labo making all of the major headlines this week when it comes to gaming, it became easy to overlook the other announcement that had to do with papercraft-related gaming. Namely that Humble Bundle would now be publishing Popup Dungeon, an ambitious RPG taking place in a world where virtually everything is crafted out of the types of paper figures one may expect from a tabletop campaign. And after four years of development and a successful Kickstarter campaign, developers Triple.B.Titles are teaming up with Humble to secure a release for next year.

As seen in the trailer below, the unique hook with Popup Dungeon is that virtually everything is customizable, from player characters to enemies, abilities and items, allowing players to go nuts and mash up genres to whatever level they want, hopefully creating the RPG adventure of their dreams. It looks like a hoot, although we’ll have to wait until next winter for the game to be released on PC. Still, here’s hoping we see more of this quirky dungeon crawler on the road to its eventual release.