Record for Longest Game and Creep Score Broken in LCK Match

It’s the first week of Competitive League of Legends everywhere and we already have a new record for the longest game and Creep Score.

Jin Air Green Wings were up against SK Telecom T1 in the final match of their best of three and just didn’t really feel like losing. So, they somehow managed to stall the game out to a record-breaking¬† 94 minutes and their ADC Teddy acquired 1465 CS in the game. That’s an average of 15.5 CS per minute.

The old record for longest game was a 91-minute match between Hong Kong Attitude and AHQ e-Sports. The old record for CS was a measly, in comparison, 946 CS by G2’s Zven. If you’re up for it you can watch the full VOD of game three below.