Sega Genesis’ Coffee Crisis ‘Coming Soon’ to PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Sega Genesis couch co-op title Coffee Crisis is “Coming soon” to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, developer Mega Cat Studios has announced.

The Pittsburgh-based studio made the announcement in a press release, along with reiterating that Coffee Crisis had been released for PC, macOS and Linux.

Back in December 2017, which marked the one-year anniversary of Coffee Crisis’ successful Kickstarter-backed campaign, Mega Cat provided an update on how the title’s console release was coming along.

“We’ve also started the Xbox certification process, so a cup of crisis is coming to consoles, too!” Mega Cat wrote on the Kickstarter page.

With music provided by the metal band Greywalker, Coffee Crisis features ten levels and a “truly authentic retro beat ‘em up experience — the sprites and environments are all built to spec for Sega’s beloved 16-bit system.”

Coffee Crisis’ quirky concept has the player taking control of a barista in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who must take to “the streets and knock the beans out of some aliens!”

“The Smurglians have invaded Pennsylvania, and they’ve come to take our coffee, heavy metal, cat videos and, most horribly, our Wi-Fi,” reads the synopsis for Coffee Crisis.

“The Black Forge Coffeehouse doesn’t think that sounds like a very fair trade — and they’re fighting back. Baristas Nick and Ashley each bring their own special brew to the fight. With unique abilities and special moves, they’re ready to take on whatever the Smurglians throw at them.”

Along with its Kickstarter campaign, Coffee Crisis made its way to Steam Greenlight in 2016.