NBA 2K League Combine Information Detailed

For the month of January, qualifying for the NBA 2K League has been taking place. The next step of the process has been unveiled. The dates for the next stage of qualifying will begin on February 2 and last until February 21. The player pool has expanded from 85 players to 102. Each of the 17 teams will now draft six players rather than five. This will allow for some flexibility for each of the franchises. Players must be at least 18 years of age and be high school graduates to be considered for the league.

Players who competed in January’s initial qualifier will automatically see a new menu item in NBA 2K18 starting on those dates. Players will be able to apply during February when the online application for the NBA 2K League Combine is available. The Combine will have 12 specific playing windows and these are listed below. Players will be required to play 40 games at their required position during the play times.

Games will featured standard Pro-Am rules and consists of six minute quarters. If a player fouls out, they will be replaced with an A.I. player. There will be one position played per team, and players will have five archetypes to choose from for each position, but must compete in only one position throughout the combine. Players will then be notified if they are being considered based on their stats during the Combine. More detailed information can be found here.

The playing windows are listed below in Eastern Time (ET):


  1. 2/2 – 8pm to 12am ET

  2. 2/3 – 2pm to 8pm ET

  3. 2/4 – 2pm to 8pm ET

  4. 2/7 – 8pm to 12am ET

  5. 2/9 – 8pm to 12am ET

  6. 2/10 – 4pm to 10pm ET

  7. 2/11 – 2pm to 8pm ET

  8. 2/14 – 8pm to 12am ET

  9. 2/16 – 8pm to 12am ET

  10. 2/17 – 4pm to 10pm ET

  11. 2/18 – 2pm to 8pm ET

  12. 2/21 – 8pm to 12am ET