Kikis and Selfie Create their own LOL Team

Kikis and Selfie are former LCS pros that have decided to create their own League of Legends team.

You may remember Selfie from the unfortunate C9 situation and being released too late to make an Academy roster. Well, he and former EU LCS top laner Kikis have created their own team that will compete in the Polish League.

According to a Facebook post by Kikis himself, the team will be as follows:

  • Top – Kikis
  • Jungle – Inspired
  • Mid – Selfie
  • Bot – Puki Style
  • Support –┬áRobercik

They plan to compete in the Polish League and hopefully draw interest from an LCS team for franchising. Currently, they are not tied to any organization or person. You can see the full post below.

Tak jak pisałem wczoraj, przedstawiam wam nasz skład.Top: KikisJungle: InspiredMid: SelfieBot: Puki StyleSup:…

Posted by Kikis on Saturday, January 27, 2018