Overwatch League Free Agent Period Opens

We’ve had three glorious weeks of Overwatch League and now teams are allowed to bring on new members.

With the free agency window open and teams now understanding the meta more we can likely see some big changes to the rosters. Teams that have suffered from the need to have a dedicated Mercy player should be able to find one and further bolster their roster. There is far more that goes into it, but this is the time if they plan to fix any issues they’ve been having.

Along with this are the changes that will be going live for Junkrat and Mercy. Mercy being limited to one rez regardless of ult and her movement speed during ult being halved may have a big effect on how teams use this period. Maybe they don’t look to prioritize Mercy but look for other means of getting better like projectile specialists.

Along with this free agent period teams are also allowed to trade with other teams. This isn’t common, but if it’s beneficial to both teams who’s to say it won’t ever happen. These things should make this window interesting.

Regardless, the window is open and teams can sign whoever they wish. Any player signed during this period won’t be eligible to play until the start of Stage 2, however. Stage 2 begins February 21 and these windows are open until April 3 or the end of Stage 2.