One Piece: Bounty Rush Coming to Smartphones in 2018

Bandai-Namco recently released the first trailer for their newest One Piece mobile game. The game, called One Piece: Bounty Rush, is a four versus four multiplayer brawler wherein players are split into teams and tasked with collecting as many berries as possible before the time limit expires. There are five types of characters for players to choose from:

Fighter: These characters overwhelm opponents with speedy attacks.

Warrior: Slower than fighters, but they can take more punishment.

Shooter: The ranged weapon class that’s best used at a distance.

Supporter: Little offensive ability but makes up for with with stat buffs and healing.

Swordsman: uses swords to inflict large amounts of damage.

Whichever team gathers the most berries is declared the winner and walks away with some bonus loot. The trailer mentions that players get to keep the loot they pirate, so it’s likely that there will be other desirable items for players to compete for besides berries.

One Piece: Bounty Rush will be a free-to-play game supported by micro-transactions. It will launch for most smartphones sometime in 2018.