Star Wars Battlefront II Fails to Meet Sales Expectations, Microtransactions to Return

[Update]: The original numbers posted for Star Wars Battlefront II. In the released transcript from their quarterly earnings report, EA revealed the real numbers for Star Wars Battlefront II, which were very different from The Wall Street Journal’s numbers. EA intended to sell in 8 million units of Star Wars Battlefront II, but only ended up selling in about 7 million units. Comparatively, the original Star Wars Battlefront sold in 13 million units during the holiday period.

EA continued to blame the Loot Box controversy for the hit in sales, though noted there were a few positive numbers concerning the game. The digital share for Battlefront II landed at 28%, up from the 16% the 2015 original saw. Also, over 70% of players checked out the single player campaign.

[Original Story]: The Loot Box controversy has had an effect on Star Wars Battlefront II’s sales, though the game still managed to do well.

The controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II and it’s insidious Loot Boxes is now legendary. EA and DICE’s use of pay-to-win mechanics in a full-priced game backfired with the publisher taking a hit to its bottom line, and failing to meet their sales projections. Still, despite all this, the game still managed to sell well.

EA had projected that they would ship ten million copies of Star Wars Battlefront II for the holiday quarter, a conservative estimate considering how well the 2015 original sold. However, the company only managed to ship nine million copies during the time period. Speaking with The Wall Street Journal, CFO Blake Jorgensen put the blame squarely on the Loot Box controversy, though conceded that the lack of in-game sales would have no effect on the company’s projected revenue.

Following blowback from fans, press, and even Disney, EA and DICE pulled all microtransactions from the game, but promised they would return. Now, we know that EA still intends on bringing microtransactions in the coming months. However, in what form they’ll return as is yet to be determined.