This Is the Police is Getting A Sequel, Coming to PC & Consoles

Weappy Studios’ strategy-adventure hybrid about the daily struggles of a city cop, is getting a sequel, it’s been announced. The follow-up to 2016’s This Is The Police — which will once again be published by THQ Nordic — takes matters outside the bustling complexity of the city and instead pits players amid the seemingly-innocent and spacious surroundings of Sharpwood, a remote border town. Players take on the role of new sheriff, Lilly Reed, as she grapples with maintaining order and peace.

Events quickly escalate when a mysterious stranger calling himself Warren Nash appears in Sharpwood. And as you’d expect, it’s all downhill from there…or at least, it might be if you don’t do something about it. The sequel aims to build on the original’s balance of adventure-esque gameplay with management-styled mechanics. Check out the game’s “cold-blooded” announcement trailer below. This Is the Police 2 will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC sometime this year.