Time Recoil Now Available on Vita, Crossbuy Purchase for PS4 Owners

The Switch version of Time Recoil was incredible, and alongside that version was a PS4 version. Now, Sony’s miniature system of joy known as the Vita has a version to call its own. Existing owners of the PS4 version can enjoy the Vita version since it’s a cross-buy game. Users of one version can enjoy the other free of charge, and with the game’s $13.99 price tag, that means that each version effectively only costs about $7. It’s an excellent game and perfect for anyone who enjoyed Hotline Miami, or similar overhead twin-stick shooters with a heavy timing and puzzle-esque mindset of proper character placement.  Anyone who loves spy thriller-type movies will also enjoy it, and it’s a nice gateway towards twin-stick shooters for those who just like spy stories.