Bungie Lays Out Roadmap for Destiny 2 Updates

Bungie is committed to bringing big changes to Destiny 2, and has laid out a roadmap for when players can expect to see those changes.

Destiny 2 has not been in the best place recently. Following a solid launch, players grew restless over the game’s percieved lack of content. After that, it was discovered that Bungie was purposefully throttling XP in order to promote Loot Box purchases. It didn’t help that the first major expansion, Curse of Osiris, was a complete dud. Well, after much anger, Bungie released their plans to make the game better a few weeks ago, and today we have a roadmap for when we’ll get those enhancements.

All of the new features and enhancements will roll out in waves over the next few months. The January update has already been deployed and added features such as Armor Masterworks, Challenges, and various fixes. The second update rolls out February 27 and adds in Nightfall score tracking, unique rewards for the Nightfall, and other fixes. The third update rolls out March 27 and brings back 6v6 Iron Banner matches, Heroic Strike Modifiers, and much more. Finally, a May update finally adds a Prestige Mode to Eater of Worlds. Be sure to check out all the changes coming with each update.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.